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誰か好きになり 気持ち隠して身を引いて
忘れようとしたけど 、やっぱ、ダメだった
- みかんハート -

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I made these as a way to compile all the geographical vocabulary that I thought was useful and interesting for writers. Some descriptors share categories, and some are simplified, but for the most part everything is in its proper place. Not all the words are as useable as others, and some might take tricky wording to pull off, but I hope these prove useful to all you writers out there!

(save the images to zoom in on the pics)

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I’m sorry I really tried to fit this nonsensical wall of text into 10 fucking slides, but I can’t, they overflow. TOO MANY THINGS TO FUCKING SAY TO PEOPLE. SO YES, there you have it, 5 FUCKING GOLDEN RULES TO RPING ON TUMBLR.

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A lot of people have been asking me font questions lately, so here are a few I love.

al kisah | art brush
bebas neue | book jacket
complete in him | hand of cre
haymaker | league script
rabiohead | ranger
simply* glamorous | wisdom script al

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The other day I found out that Blackfrost Anivia and Snowstorm Sivir were meant to lane together.

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humanfluff asked,

what is dmmd about is it any good and where can i see it please


Alright so I’ve been putting this off for a while cause I wanted to really go into deep talk about this so here I go!!

Alright so to begin with, you’re this sarcastic piece of sexy ass shit right here!


Small summary: You work at a junk shop, men want to get with you cause of your voice, you hate it when people touch your fabulous mullet, you get headaches often, you live with your grandma, has a sort of power you will learn about eventually, your choice in jackets are questionable (seriously what does that look like when it’s buttoned up??), and you REALLY like it up the butt (sassy as fuck tsundere uke right really describes him well).

The series is set in the future, you live in an area called Former Residents District which is split with the North district (off limits), South District (mostly stores), East District (Where Aoba lives and work), and West District (mostly homes and apartments). A popular thing among the area are games called Rib and Rhyme. Both of which Aoba has no interest in but is often thrown into situations where he has no choice but to participate in them.

Another important area which you will eventually go to is Platinum Jail! A big extravagant area which is only allowed for people who are either invited or rich as hell to go to. It’s never daytime there so people can basically party all day and night, full of clubs and high quality stores and great eats, and is run by a man named Toue who is the main villain of the series that you must stop from doing terrible things to people! D8<

Another important factor in the series are Allmates! Artificial beings in which can do many things for you that can help you with your daily needs. Often come in form of animals! You have one named Ren who’s a cute fluffy blue dog :3

During the game you meet many colourful characters! You have the option of the character you can get with. The decisions you make will then decide the outcome of the ending. There are good and bad endings, good endings where Aoba and his lover are happily together, bad ending where… really disturbing shit occurs! 8I

Let us list the potential mates you will eventually fuck shall we!


Noiz: He only eats pizza and pasta, he likes his dick being bit, also he has piercings on his dick as well as other parts of his body, he’s obsessed with Rhyme and wants to challenge Aoba to Rhyme for reasons you’ll find out about later, loves bunnies, is filthy rich, tragic backstory!


Koujaku: A lady’s man, but awkward at times too, loves to cut hair, obsessed with Aoba’s hair, has emo hair, has a sexy tattoos on his back, childhood friend of Aoba, totes crushing on him even though he seems oh so straight but shit happens right??? And tragic backstory.


Clear: A robot, calls Aoba his master, bubbly as fuck, apologetic as fuck, sings like an angel apparently (we never fucking hear it though!!), shirt doesn’t fit him right, hides his face under a mask for a long time thinking people would hate him if they saw his face, a deep as hell talker, depressing as fuck ending I won’t say what but get your tissues ready for that!! 


Mink: Punk ass bitch! Basically. Most of the fandom kind of hates him, for good reason, rather shitty towards Aoba, but who knows you may like him anyways. Dreadlocks, wants to kill Toue more than anyone else in the game, you may or may not come to like it in reconnect, tragic backstory.

And the last person you’ll get to fuck! *drumroll*


Your Allmate Ren!

Okay uh… don’t worry, you don’t fuck the dog version of him, you’ll fuck him in this form:


Or this form:


Ren: Your Allmate, probably not as artificial as he may seem, always willing to help Aoba out when he can, “Aoba, daijoubu?”, “I’m grateful to you five million times over, baby.”, cute and fluffy and I can’t say much unless I wanna give away all the “WTF’S?!?!” of what comes with this character but you’ll find out soon enough!! Also you can’t do his route untill you finish the first four routes.

Oh and these two technically.


Virus and Trip: Well they aren’t mates but yeah at some point these two dudes fuck you but don’t be fooled by oh cute blonde twins cause first off they aren’t twins and they make note of that often, actually really awful and terrible human beings like wow a lot of fans like them but don’t be fooled they did horrible things to Aoba in this game omg I’m still recovering from how disturbing their ending was!!

Something that’s definitely worth mentioning before anyone plays this game or looks into it is it’s very trigger heavy. Things like rape, gore, guro, and other disturbing stuff occur quite often in the game. This depending on the outcome based on your decisions. Mostly the bad endings. But if such a thing were to trigger you, this is not the game for you.

But honestly it’s a really interesting as fuck game, all the characters are interesting, it’s about 75% plot and 25% porn (which is actually really good porn like man there’s a shit ton of variety in this porn you have a fetish that isn’t often acknowledged in porn related products you might get it here!), and the relationships you build are actually very well done and cute as fuck sometimes! Basically it’s a thought provoking series set in a unique universe with well written characters and really great sex!

There are more characters you’ll meet but that’s probably my best summary of this series!! 8)

Click here and there will be links to all the stuff you’ll need to download the game as well as other goodies!

Though if you’d rather not play it and you wanna watch it instead, I’ve been watching it on youtube! Just look up Dramatical Murder part 1!

Enjoy your porno you fucking weirdos!! 8D


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Rue Dies, Motherfucker

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4 all u kids who wanna study some figure drawing/anatomy

All the downloads are free they only take a little bit time to download because these are big files!

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Brownie in a mug

eating it now. so good,

Marcie this is positively sinful! So good and cheap and fast! thank you for reblogging it!

Never not reblogging



Reblogging because this is one of my favorite desserts. (Officially it’s a steamed pudding in the British sense of the word, but there’s no point in getting too hung up in nomenclature.)

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